Go beyond the maze of tools, techniques, and strategies and break through what’s really holding you back from doing the powerful, heart-centred work that you know you're here to do.

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You know you have a bigger contribution to make but aren't sure how. There's so much to do on every single day. The lack of clarity in your vision is draining your precious energy...

You've had great successes and achieved so much, but something isn't right. You're not playing at your true level. Sharing how you really feel with people around you seems futile if not overwhelming or embarrassing. You might just scream in frustration.

That was me a few years ago.

The top 5 challenges of creating your own path

Creating a new path has similar challenges to leadership. You often feel like you're making decisions in the dark. Yes, doing research, speaking to mentors and getting advice helps. But redefining your path is more than that. The real challenges are:

  • It can be lonely.
  • Lack of guidance.
  • Complex career pathways.
  • A lot of uncertainty.
  • More to lose if you've already built a career.

Who do you turn to if everyone around you seems content with where they are? Who supports you and challenges you as you figure out a way forward?

The high achiever paradox is that your past success can get in the way of your future success. Your past strengths become a liability when redefining your career path

Research by McKinsey and others shows that the majority of leadership programmes fail and that's because they focus too much on information and not enough on transformation. Shifting to a growth mindset that allows for new possibilities goes beyond information, tools and techniques. It requires diving deeper into the assumptions and beliefs that hold you back, in a safe, supportive, and positively challenging experiential process.

I believe that you only need 3 things to create a new path

  • Trust in your inner-voice (PRESENCE)
  • Courage to act on it (POWER)
  • Willingness to define and share your genius in new ways (POSSIBILITY)

This is what Power Presence Possibility offers: it's a 3 month group coaching experience for professionals and leaders ready to address their limiting beliefs and make their greatest contribution yet, with more clarity, ease, and flow; receiving the right amount of support and challenge.

What if redefining your path was about trusting your presence, power, and sense of possibility rather than pushing harder and living up to other people's expectations?

Amina helped me step up in leadership amid uncertainty where imposter syndrome would have held me back. My confidence increased professionally and has led me to a current role in the COVID19 pandemic effort which I would never have thought I would do. Amina 's coaching method is guiding rather than directing and I feel everyone could benefit from that.

Durga, Leadership team, Doctors of the World, UK.

"I would recommend Amina in a heartbeat to anyone who wants to deal with the increasing complexity of professional life. She’s kind but firm, compassionate and practical. In short, everything you would ever want in a coach."​

                 Chris, Humanitarian and BBC presenter

I honestly experienced the best ten minutes of self-inquiry of my life during a pair exercise questioning limiting beliefs. After getting to the root of a belief I held about myself, some deep-seated feelings of anxiety I was holding on to simply vanished. This made solving the challenges I had in the weeks to come so much easier.

Amina helped me reconnect to a deeper sense of self that I had lost touch with as I went through a number of ups and downs, and challenges in my work and career. Amina guides, doesn’t push. Her method works precisely because it’s not about tips and tricks or rigid goal-setting.

Alicia. Ex-banker.

What you'll accomplish:

  • Develop a new relationship to uncertainty and harness the opportunities that come with times of change
  • Clarify and articulate your mission, message and path and speak them with confidence
  • Identify and break free of limiting stories that hold you back from sharing your work
  • Manage your energy sustainably even during times of high uncertainty so that you can enjoy the moment while setting yourself up to make a unique, long-term contribution
  • Play a bigger game facing the challenges with more joy, flow and ease

How it works

You show up willing to slow down to speed up and the process will do the rest. You'll have:

  • 90 minute calls with me every month including my best insights on careers, leadership and being present and powerful (these will be around 6.30pm UK)
  • An initial scene-setting call to customise your journey
  • A centralised resources vault with call recordings and coaching materials
  • A buddy system for peer-coaching
  • Facebook group to share wins, challenges and insights + maintain accountability
  • Opportunity to connect and grow with other mission-driven, heart-centred professionals

+ a bonus 30min one-to-one Clarity Session with me if you sign up before August 28th midnight

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There was a special kind of energy in the group with Amina which I can’t put my finger on, but it was like magic. I left feeling powerful and inspired.

Nav, Leaders Circle participant


Every month, we'll explore how to tune into your inner-genius to articulate the new vision of your career and how to bring it out into the world to make it real. This ability to articulate a vision and take action is a key skill for 21st century professionals whether you plan to work in an organisation or independently.

You'll be invited to take on specific monthly assignments and bring any challenges and questions to the the group coaching call. The three monthly themes are:

ONE: Define your vision, message and who it's for - articulate what you want to contribute to the world.

TWO: Refine what you offer - translate your zone of genius into specific work that is meaningful, fulfilling and clear.

THREE: Create your own system to harness a platform, amplify your message and share your gifts through writing and/or speaking online or offline.

You'll also get the opportunity to practise coaching skills (also a key 21st century professional skill) with others and develop your presence, deepen listening skills and build on your understanding of the psychology of change.

"In a short space of time Amina has helped improve personal ability to air difficult opinions and provide feedback- improving my perception of ‘control’ at work. I increased in confidence. My initial barrier to starting coaching was hubris: I wasn't sure whether anyone would be able to empathise with my context. I was also embarrassed to ask for help. However, Amina’s ability to create a safe space and give clear/ direct feedback to my own thoughts has been hugely positive for me.

Amina’s coaching is a marriage of experience, empathy and pragmatism." 

Arup, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, AXA PPP healthcare, UK

I was working so fast I had no time to consolidate my ideas. Amina helped me create time to reflect on my plans and make value-based decisions and a clearer vision of my future. Eventually, I realised I could "just do it!' and reduced my work week by a day to finally focus on my book and new plans.

Laura, Partner at Award Winning medical practice and innovative wellbeing centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do we start?

We continue from PPP phase 1.

How long is the programme?

Three months; meeting monthly.

How many people will be in the group?

A maximum of 8 participants.

What time are the coaching calls?

They will be at 6.30pm UK on Wednesdays, once a month. 

If I miss one, will I be able to catch up?

Yes, you’ll have access to recordings and you can have any questions answered in between calls in the Facebook Group. I will be responding personally and supporting you on your individual journey.

What is the difference between a mastermind and a group coaching programme?

A group coaching programme has a teaching element while a mastermind tends to be peer-led with input from the coach. A mastermind works best for people who are most advanced in their journey. In this case you’ll have elements of both as you'll be coached by me while benefitting from a range of valuable input from your peers.

How much time will it take outside the set calls?

You'll need 10-15 minutes a day to check in with yourself on the insights and practices you choose for yourself on the coaching calls. You will start or add a specific practice of journalling or meditation tailored to you.

What do I need to know in advance and do I need previous coaching experience?

Previous experience in personal development or mindfulness is helpful but all you need is to be open to new experiences and ways of looking at things.

Will there be a lot of homework?

This isn't about doing more but being more as well as small experiments outside your comfort zone. Any coaching assignments will be based on what comes out of the conversations we have and that you choose to take on yourself.

Can I get a letter or invoice to reclaim the fee from my company?

Yes. A number of people put this towards their career development and leadership training.

Is there a discount or payment plan?

No. This is an exceptional launch price.

Is there a refund?

No. Once you're in, we're on!

Do you think I can do this?

Yes, and whether you think you can or you can't you're probably right...

Do you have another question? Send it to me on

Hi, I'm Amina

Over a 15+ year career as a doctor, scientist and population health specialist, I’ve worked in hospitals, a war zone, a pandemic and with the United Nations. Since 2016, I've run my own coaching and consulting business and spent 1000+ hours working with talented professionals who want to create an inspiring career and life with more confidence and ease. If you want to learn what I know, avoid the mistakes I made, and you're committed to growing your impact sustainably, this is the coaching process for you.

Will you join us?

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