Take the next step to create the fulfilling job, inspiring environment and unique contribution you're truly capable of.

Course starts 27th of July 2020 (ends 23rd of August)


The first step is the boldest and most important.

You've got a track record of success and perhaps even a great job. But you're not sure it's the right one for you anymore.

You have a sense that a change is needed but you're not sure where to start, whether it's the right time and deep inside you may doubt whether it's really possible for you.

If only you could see into the future...

The challenge of career change in the 21st century

  • Greater uncertainty
  • More options to navigate
  • Little guidance
  • Out of date psychological tools
  • More to lose if you have a track record of success

Where do you start?

Change is not a linear process.

Weeks, months and years can go by if we try to take a linear approach to change. We live in a VUCA world. It's Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.

I believe that 2 things can help:

  • The ability to hold a big and bold vision
  • The ability to take one step at a time into the unknown

This is what Uplevel Your Career offers:

It's a 4-week online course for professionals and leaders ready to try a different approach to career change. The course is particularly suitable for you if you're service-driven and want to make your contribution in a collaborative, wise and compassionate way.

What if all you needed to do is focus on your next bold step?

Amina helped me step up in leadership amid uncertainty where imposter syndrome would have held her back. My confidence increased professionally and has led me to a current role in the COVID19 pandemic effort which I would never have thought I would do. Amina 's coaching method is guiding rather than directing and I feel everyone could benefit from that.

Durga, Leadership team, Doctors of the World, UK.

"I would recommend Amina in a heartbeat to anyone who wants to deal with the increasing complexity of professional life. She’s kind but firm, compassionate and practical. In short, everything you would ever want in a coach."​

                 Chris, Humanitarian and BBC presenter

What you'll accomplish:

  • Discover and take your next career step 
  • Feel clearer and more confident about your trajectory
  • Tune into a bigger vision of what's possible for you
  • Be open to a new journey and how to enjoy it even if it's scary!
  • Address your most pressing questions

How it works

This is an online course with additional support through live calls and a private Facebook group online.

You'll have:

  • A new module every week (four in total)
  • Live calls every Thursday
  • Simple course materials to support your goal and journey
  • An opportunity to connect and grow with other service-driven professionals and leaders
  • A space to share wins, challenges and insights as well as maintain accountability.



There was a special kind of energy in the group with Amina which I can’t put my finger on, but it was like magic. I left feeling powerful and inspired.

Nav, Leaders Circle participant


Every module will provide you with insights, tools and suggestions to take the next step onto a new career trajectory:

ONE: Find out and cultivate the key ingredient to jumpstart your career transformation and take one small but bold, transformational step.

TWO: Discover the pitfall that keeps people thinking they're making progress when they're not and how to open up new worlds for the next phase of your career to flourish.

THREE: Cultivate a liberating mindset to break out of the roles and environments that don't work for you anymore and access the confidence and creativity you need.

FOUR: Bring it all together with clarity and simplicity.

This course is FREE as it is the first round.

What I ask you for in a exchange is your honest feedback and a testimonial if you found the course beneficial.

Future cost valued at £500

I was working so fast I had no time to consolidate my ideas. Amina helped me create time to reflect on my plans and make value-based decisions and a clearer vision of my future. Eventually, I realised I could "just do it!' and reduced my work week by a day to finally focus on my book and new plans.

Laura, Partner at Award Winning medical practice and innovative wellbeing centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do we start?

We start officially in week of the 27th of July. We finish week of the 23rd of August

Are there specific times for the course?

A new module will be available at the start of each of the four weeks with follow up and tracking that you can participate in at any time of the day.

If I miss something will I be able to catch up?

Yes, the materials will be available for you to study in your own time in a sequential manner.

Will there be personal contact during the course?

A live Zoom call will take place every week of the course on Thursdays. You'll also have the opportunity to receive input and answers from Amina to any of your questions in a private online group (on Facebook).

How much time will it take outside the course?

You'll need about 15 minutes a day to check in using the suggested exercises and participate in the group to support accountability. You'll also need to allow for time to implement the bold step you discover during the course!

What kind of work will I need to do outside the course?

This course isn't about doing a lot of written work but about familiarising yourself with new ways of thinking about career change and taking specific action outside your comfort zone. There will be suggested assignments AND an invitation to take bold steps. Some of this will involve mindset work i.e. self-reflection to break out of old thought patterns and limiting beliefs that hold you back.

How much is the course?

This is the first round so it is free!

Do you have another question? Send it to me on amina@doctoramina.com.

Hi, I'm Amina

Over a 15+ year career as a doctor, scientist and population health specialist, I’ve worked in hospitals, a war zone, a pandemic and with the United Nations. Since 2016, I've run my own coaching and consulting business and spent 1000+ hours working with talented professionals who want to create an inspiring career and life with more confidence and ease. If you want to learn what I know, avoid some of the mistakes I made, and you're committed to making your unique contribution, this is an excellent course for you!

Will you join?